Kelly Petroleum Services Ltd. has residential and commercial services available depending on your needs. Whether your project involves installation or removal of an oil tank or installation of a monitoring system we’re experts in petroleum and are here for you.

Aboveground & Underground Petroleum Tanks

We specialize in installing and / or removing Petroleum Tanks from small 200 gal to larger tanks, weather it is steel or fiberglass.
Boiler and Generator Fuel Oil Systems

If you have a Diesel Boiler that needs a tank and piping we can provide that up to Provincial Codes and make sure your system works efficiently.
Oil Water Separators

An oil & water separator is an environmentally safe approach to collect this run off, separate the oil from the water, and allow you to discharge clean water. Kelly Petroleum Services can install and service oil water separators of all makes and sizes.
Waste Oil Tank Systems

New government regulations and a growing concern for the effects of used oil in our environment mean that proper containment is a big concern for just about every industry in the country. But any investment in equipment for this task is still a business decision. We can provide a suitable system for all your needs.
Monitoring Systems

To protect the natural environment, specifically soil and the water resources, from adverse effects that may result as a consequence of operating storage tank systems. This includes avoiding the contamination and negative ecological impacts from potential leaks and spills, and/or fires and explosions resulting from the release of petroleum products and/or allied petroleum products.
Card Lock Systems

Whether you run a large fleet of commercial vehicles, or you just want to be able to provide fuel to a small fleet of company vehicles, Kelly Petroleum Services Ltd. can help you design and service any type of cardlock meet your requirements.
Pumps & Dispensers

Kelly Petroleum Services can offer a range of durable retail pumps and fuel dispensers. All are designed to deliver excellent performance in virtually any fuelling application. Contact KPS for more information and design to suit your needs.

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